When is the best time to travel to Victoria Falls?

Each month in Victoria Falls offers something different – from different times to view the falls to different months to enjoy game sightings on a Zimbabwean safari. Have a look at our ‘when to visit Victoria Falls’ list – we reveal what we think our best time to visit is.

Victoria Falls

To visit the world-renowned Victoria Falls can only be described as once in a lifetime experience. As one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, it is a must on the bucket list of every globetrotter. This unique spectacle nature combines magnificent views of the world’s largest sheet of falling water with the sound of the thunderous reverberation.

But planning a trip to this incredible destination does require planning, and the first thing you should ask yourself before planning your holiday is, “What would be the best time for me to travel to Victoria Falls?” After all, Zimbabwe is different each month of the year – and the month you choose will have a huge impact on your Vic Falls travel experience.
With these clues you can make the best decision to make sure your journey to Victoria Falls creates an everlasting impression.

The benefit of travelling to see Victoria Falls between February and July is that you will see this natural phenomenon at its greatest volume. At this time, especially between March and April, Victoria Falls will span the entire 1.7 km width of the Zambezi River as it plunges 108 meters into the valley below.

Safari in Victoria Falls

The viewing of the Victoria Falls at now at its highest flow. But it is almost impossible to take photos because the area around Victoria Falls is misty and foggy due to the spray.

We recommend guests view The Falls by helicopter flight without the fear of damaging your camera.
Should you be planning to combine your trip with a game drive, this might not be the best time to do so, as there is a lot of water inland due to the summer downpours. Wild animals are spread out and harder to spot in the thick vegetation.

While this time of year is not best for game viewing, visiting during this time does mean you do get to see Victoria Falls in all its glory.

Between October and November the water level at Victoria Falls is at its lowest. Although the Victoria Falls are not at its most powerful at this time, you can get a panoramic view of the Victoria Falls, because the air around Victoria Falls is not as misty and foggy as it is the rainy season.

This low water level offers fantastic possibilities for a variety of aquatic activities in and around the Zambezi River. You can either get your pulse racing with a white water rafting tour or if you are looking for something a bit more relaxing, there is also the chance to do a chilled Zambezi River canoe excursion.

For those who are brave enough, the chance to take dip in the Devil’s Pool (too rough during the rainy season!) is the ultimate thrill.

These months also bring a great time for game viewing in the area of Victoria Falls. The lack of rain means that the animals are forced to congregate around waterholes and large herds of elephants and buffalo’s come down to the Zambezi to drink. Chobe National Park is then one of the most impressive National Parks in Southern Africa offers a game spotting haven.

In conclusion, this might be the optimal time to visit in terms of getting the best of both worlds – visual impact plus adventurous activities on offer.