Victoria Falls: A Thrill Seeker’s Paradise

No matter how daring your thrill level is, there is something for everyone in Victoria Falls – from adrenaline pumping activities to cultural and exploration thrills. Have a look at our top picks below.

Victoria Falls is the Adventure Capital of Africa and after you discovered the main attractions on your itinerary, it is time to explore the area in a different, unique way. There is something for everyone!

Zambezi River Canoeing

A great activity for couples and families, but suitable for all fitness and age levels, is Zambezi River Canoeing. On this full day trip you will gently drift down the Zambezi River and it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the nature and wildlife along the way. Feel like a true adventurer and enjoy a picnic lunch on an island while exploring the river’s path.

White Water Rafting

The Zambezi River is acclaimed as the wildest white water run in the world! So of course this activity is an absolute must-do on any thrill-seeker’s itinerary. There are full- or half-day trips available including a light lunch and you should be reasonably fit as this activity includes some fairly steep walks as well as the thrilling white water rafting activity itself.

Horse Back Safari

Another wonderful way to discover the Victoria Falls National Park is by horseback. This 2 to 3 hour horse-back safari adventure is great for all levels of experience and an amazing way to explore the stunning views of the African landscape where you will get up close with the animals of the bush, while viewing them from atop an animal yourself.

Canopy Tour

This next adventure is suitable for travellers of all ages as well as families. On a canopy tour you will glide through the forest of the Victoria Falls National Park, this is rather more relaxing and peaceful than white water rafting but still an exciting adventure activity nonetheless. The longest of the nine slides is 85 meters long and the tour lasts 2 to 2 ½ hours.

Flying Fox Thrill

Have you ever thought about how amazing it would be, if you would be able to fly? What about taking a running leap off a cliff? You can do this (with the safety of being tethered to a harness) at the Victoria Falls. This solo slide experience takes you over the Zambezi Gorge and offers an incredible bird’s eye view of the surrounding gorge and national park. Travelling horizontally across the 200 meter wide gorge, 125 metres above the valley floor, will give you that flying fox feeling.

Gorge Swing

Another adrenaline filled activity over the gorge is a Gorge Swing from the bridge. At first you will experience “Zero Gravity” when you leap off the edge in the harness and are free falling for 70 meters before going into a 95 metre long pendulum swing. An amazing way to enjoy the incredible view of the gorge and the surrounding park.

Bungee Jumping

Last but not least the ultimate challenge to test your limits, the Bungee jump in Victoria Falls! It is a must for anyone who is seeking an adrenaline rush. Once you have the harness on and have received the encouraging instructions by the jumpmaster it is time for the countdown and before you realise it you are flying. You can experience 4 second of incredible freefall with up to 120 km/h speed! Definitely something you will never forget! Afterwards you have some time to enjoy the view and swing around before you get pulled back to the bridge.

As you can see an adrenaline junkie is absolutely spoiled for choice in Victoria Falls!  It’s simply a matter of having enough time and budget to choose which ones you most want to do. For more information or to book an activity make sure to visit the “Activities” page. If you need help creating the perfect itinerary contact Victoria Falls Safaris and we will help you! Have a great time in Victoria Falls!