Victoria Falls is NOT DRY #notdry

There have been many concerns over the water levels at Victoria Falls; however, there is no need to worry! Victoria Falls is NOT dry or drying up. In fact the falls have more water than it did in 1995! Find out the facts about the water levels here, carry on reading below…

Victoria Falls Not Dry

Source: Eye Witness News | Victoria Falls Not Dry

Tour operators in Zimbabwe have started the promotion hashtag Victoria Falls Is Not Dry to counter recent press reports claiming the falls have dried up.

The Zimbabwe side of the falls never fully dry up, even during the height of the dry season, but fears are rising that climate change could wreak havoc on this huge tourist attraction.

Several Zimbabwean tour operators have visited the Victoria Falls and posed for pictures at one of the viewing points.

Other photos they posted to Facebook show water definitely flowing over the falls.

In a statement released over the weekend, one of the operators, Africa Conservation Travel, said recent media reports weren’t presenting a full picture.

It said the level of the Zambezi has not yet dropped below that of the 1995 drought, and that water levels in the Zambezi have in fact risen in the past week.

The falls stretch over a 1.7 km-long expanse of rock spanning Zimbabwe and Zambia and part of the water curtain dries up each dry season.