Top Lodges of Chobe

We reveal our list of the top Lodges in Chobe, including lodges located near the Chobe National Park. Our list includes budget-friendly options as well as luxurious Chobe lodges – we have stayed at them all and rated them too.


Top Chobe Lodges: Selecting the Top Five lodges in Chobe is no easy task. With so many great lodges and such diverse offerings, each one has that special something that makes it stand out. So please note that these Top Five lodges have been chosen because of the unique characteristics they offer, for instance, whether they offer a family experience or a private and remote experience.

Chobe is unquestionably a fantastic location for lodges due to the fact that it is situated along the borders of Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, allowing you to experience the best of Africa without having to travel too far from your accommodation. Any of the Top Five Chobe Lodges can therefore, be seen as the perfect starting point for your African adventure. Ultimately, what separates each lodge is the type of experience and services that they offer.

  1. Top Chobe Lodges = Chobe Bush Lodge:

The newly built Chobe Bush Lodge is known as the “sister lodge” of the Chobe Safari Lodge, which is also mentioned in the Top Five list. Its unique blend of modern lifestyle and African décor is what makes it stand out. Chobe Bush Lodge has made the Top Five largely because of its modern take on the African experience. During your African adventure in the hot and dusty bush, you may want to enjoy your nights in luxury and this is precisely what Chobe Bush Lodge offers and even more, at a reasonable price. The Lodge offers 38 en-suite rooms and 4 family rooms (with 2 sep arate bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms). All rooms have the most stunning views of the Chobe National Park right from your own private balcony. After spending your day participating in one of Chobe Bush Lodge’s many available activities, such as boat game cruises through Chobe National Park, you can enjoy a relaxing drink at one of the two bars. Each bar offers a different view, from the captivating landscape of the Caprivi flood plains to the gorgeous sunset view of Chobe National Park.

2. Top Chobe Lodges = Chobe Safari Lodge:

The newly renovated Chobe Safari Lodge offers guests a wide variety of options when it comes to accommodation choices. From adventurous camping within the banks of the Chobe River to newly built luxury rooms with their own amazing views of the river. 46 safari rooms have recently been built that have private patios where guests can observe the Chobe River within the comfort of their own accommodation. For those who are hoping to experience Africa in a more traditional manner, the Chobe Safari Lodge also offers Rondavels, which are based on the design of traditional African huts. These Rondavel rooms will give you the perfect balance between comfortable accommodation and an African lifestyle experience. This lodge has made the Top Five because of its variety of accommodation choices, including the popular option of self-camping, which can be done at a very affordable rate of $16 per adult, per night.

3. Top Chobe Lodges = Chobe Chilwero Lodge:

The word “Chilwero”, means “place of high view” in the local language of Setswana, and this is exactly what makes Chobe Chilwero Lodge such a stunning lodge to visit. The Lodge lives up to its expectations by offering breath-taking panoramic views of Chobe as far across as Namibia! Chobe Chilwero Lodge provides luxury at its finest and is the only lodge in Botswana that has its own full spa, making this the perfect Chobe lodge to experience the ultimate level of relaxation under the African sky. For these reasons it’s easy to see why Chobe Chilwero Lodge has been placed into the Top Five Chobe Lodges. Other than its fantastic panoramic views and luxurious offerings, the Lodge also provides many activities for kids, including treasure hunts and guided walks within the vicinity of the Lodge. Chobe Chilwero Lodge is therefore, the best available lodge for guests who are looking for ultimate comfort mixed with the most breath-taking views and extremely reliable service.

4. Top Chobe Logdes = Chobe Savanna Lodge:

If you are looking for a full African experience away from civilization then Chobe Savanna Lodge is the ideal lodge for you. Situated on the Northern bank of the Chobe River, Chobe Savanna Lodge is so remote that it can only be accessed by taking a 1 hour boat ride. What truly makes this Chobe lodge unique is the fact that it can only accommodate 26 guests at a time, making it the smallest lodge on the Top Five list. Small amounts of guests give the lodge the opportunity to provide the best possible personal service and this is exactly the reason why Chobe Savanna Lodge has made it onto the Top Five of Chobe lodges. Guests can expect true African décor in their rooms with the stunning views of the Chobe River right on their doorstep. Most of the available tours at the Chobe Savanna Lodge are water-based since the Lodge is located on the Northern bank of the Chobe River, making this the perfect lodge for guests who want to experience pure African nature and breath-taking river scenery.