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The newly launched Zambezi Dhow experience promises to be the most unique thing you can do on the Zambezi. Relax in true barefoot luxury as you take in the sights and explore a totally different side of the Zambezi. Read more about our activity review below.

Zambezi Dhow

Activity Review – Sailing along the Zambezi on a traditional East African dhow is truly unique experience and one of the best ways to take in the natural beauty of this legendary river and its wild banks. Before boarding, we were advised to take off our shoes as this is a true barefoot luxury adventure. As we were seated on big plush cushions with our feet curled up underneath or beside us, shoes were definitely not needed. As the boat is powered by sail and not a noisy engine, it is incredibly relaxing to recline and watch the world go by with only the sound of the water lapping against the hull and the twittering of birdlife to highlight the serenity. While sailing along, seeing the sky turn to gold above us and the silhouettes of the Ilala palm trees turning darker we nibbled on mezze platters served in bento-style boxes with an African touch. Cold drinks provided delicious refreshment for the balmy evening and the intimate setting allowed everyone on the boat to chat comfortably  as we spotted wildlife on the banks of the river – elephants wading in the shallows and splashing themselves with water scooped up by their trunks, and beautiful white egrets in the reeds. Sailing past other boats, it became clear that we too were an attraction as the passing passengers were taking pictures of the dhow. Reflecting back on the evening I can still feel the feeling of peaceful surrender on board a handcrafted dhow on the Zambezi River     

– Reviewed by Marguerite

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