Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is often overlooked and yet, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Zimbabwe. Find out why it was named Lake Kariba, how it was formed and what you can expect to see there – including experiences that will take your breath away…

Lake Kariba Safari

Among the world’s four largest man-make lakes (and the second largest in Africa), Lake Kariba is a truly mesmerizing sight to behold during a Victoria Falls Safari experience. Home to numerous species of fauna and flora, this exciting destination boasts a shoreline that is over 2 000 kilometres long.

When it comes to the name of Lake Kariba, there are a number of stories about where it comes from. Elders in the area believe that the name comes from a rock that lies close to the dam wall and resemble a riva which is a traditional stone trap. Another legend surrounding the name dictates that when the river flooded, a rock named “Kariva” trapped the water and make it difficult for the locals to return to the other side. However it got its name, Lake Kariba is still a magnificent attraction that is surrounded by rich grazing areas that attract a variety of animal species.

If you’d like to enjoy a spot of fishing while on a Victoria Falls Safari to Lake Kariba, then you’ll be excited to learn of the over 40 species of fish that live the Lake’s waters including nkupe, chessa bottlenose, barbell, vundu and tigerfish. When not casting a line into the watery depths, then you can also enjoy guided walks and horse rides on the Lake’s banks, game drives in the nearby Game Reserves and National Parks, and boat cruises during the day and night.

Lake Kariba is an impressive example of man-made achievements that has grown seamlessly with the beauty of the nature that surrounds it, making it a must for lovers of nature who’re lucky enough to find themselves on a Victoria Falls Safari.