Explore Victoria Falls on 2 Wheels

Explore Victoria Falls and the surrounding Zambezi National Park on the two wheels! Ride through the town and pedal through the highlights and attractions that surround Victoria Falls on this brand-new adventure…

Bringing you the Victoria Falls Cycle Tour: Victoria Falls used to be a sleepy little town with not much to offer besides its eponymous attraction. However, this is gradually changing as more and more people visit the Falls. New, fun activities in the area are increasing as well. One of the newest additions is a cycling tour in and around Victoria Falls town. Cycling is a great way to explore an area and it has the added benefits of being environmentally friendly as well as providing some exercise while you are on holiday.

The cycling excursion goes through the local township of Chinotimba and provides an interesting glimpse of local life, visiting a local market, church, and school. The journey on 2 wheels also includes a stop at the “The Big Tree” an ancient Baobab that is over a 1,000 years old and as its name suggests, very big. Guests will also learn a bit about the legends and customs associated with the mythical tree. Cycle along the Zambezi River while learning more about the area’s beautiful flora and fauna, then rest your legs with a brief picnic stop to enjoy some well-deserved refreshments. Of course, the tour wouldn’t be complete without an opportunity to view “The Smoke That Thunders” this is done from the wonderful viewpoint of the Victoria Falls Bridge that spans the Batoka Gorge, which guests will cycle across. The historical bridge was commissioned by Cecil John Rhodes who wanted passengers on his railway to feel the mist of the Falls on their face.

This is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or morning in Victoria Falls and experience the town in a different and special way. It’s an outing that is suitable for all ages and the trip isn’t very strenuous as it covers mostly flat land with only some slight inclines. Let us know if you would like to try out this exciting activity!