Boma Dinner Victoria Falls

Cultural Day trip: No trip to Victoria Falls (specifically the Zimbabwean side) is complete without a boma dinner experience, including scrumptious African food and a traditional show.

Boma Dinner experience: Taste authentic Zimbabwe dishes at this Victoria Falls restaurant as well as experience the night’s entertainment of traditional dancing, storytelling and fortune telling provided by the Amakwezi traditional dancers.

Guests will be provided with a four course meal which consists of soups, salads, and a barbeque buffet and for the adventurous the warthog fillet, game skewers or Mopani worms.

The starter menu is influenced by local ingredients. The menu offers a unique selection of traditional dishes. You can expect to taste Nyimo beans and groundnuts, smoked crocodile and deep-fried Kapenta.

” A mouth watering dinner will be served under the thatched “Boma.” A Boma is known traditionally as “The Place Of Eating.” The Boma restaurant specializes in traditional African food. The menu is a combination of game meat such as Warthog fillet and Kudu steak, with game stew and Guinea Fowl. Mixed with a selection of traditional Zimbabwean dishes. There are also a good variety of vegetarian options. There is something for everyone. The meal is served with a local drink. Eating a dried Mopane Worm has become a tradition at the Boma. If you are brave enough to eat one you will receive a certificate to prove it.”

The food at the Boma is cooked and served in the style and quantity of a lavish traditional feast.

Please note that this is available & bookable for the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls, please enquire if you are staying on the Zambian side. If you would like to see our other experiences and day trips, please click here.

  • Duration: This experience is about 2 hours
  • Includes: A truly scrumptious and traditional dinner experience
  • Excludes: Selected drinks and tips

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Boma Dinner Victoria Falls

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Victoria Falls Matabeleland North Province ZW
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