Chobe River

The Chobe River runs through the Chobe National Park and is often where you will find herds of elephants on the banks, crocodiles sunning themselves and even the watchful eyes of some inquisitive hippos. Cruise on the Chobe River at sunset or explore the adjacent national park for exceptional game viewing…

Chobe National Park

Running along the northern border of Botswana, the Chobe River eventually meets up with the Zambezi before tumbling over the edge of the Victoria Falls. Right towards its end, the Chobe River has to snake its way through swampland in the Chobe National Park, where its banks lure in a number of animals, particularly elephants, who’re thirsty for its waters.

During a Victoria Falls Safari, you can choose to experience the beauty of the Chobe River and its surroundings. The River is a prime destination for game viewing purposes and travellers can enjoy such an experience in either a boat or an open game-drive vehicle. If you opt for a boat safari along the Chobe River, then be prepared to encounter herds of elephants frolicking in the water, or key an eye out for the ripple and splash of a hippo and a crocodile who call the waters of the River their home.

The best time to visit the Chobe River on a Victoria Falls Safari is during the region’s dry season – from April to October – as the concentration of wildlife on the River’s banks is at its highest. Risk of malaria is also low with long and warm sunny days and a virtually unrivalled opportunity for game viewing.

If you are interested in visiting the Chobe River during your Victoria Falls Safari then you’ll be pleased to learn of the variety of accommodation options that can be found in the area nearby, with the Chobe Game Lodge being the only accommodation option actually located within the Chobe National Park.

Make your Victoria Falls Safari an experience to remember as you explore the Chobe River and its mosaic-like systems of lakes, islands, floodplains and flowing channels.