3 Tours which give back in Victoria Falls

Travelling around Victoria Falls is amazing, but travelling while making a difference is rewarding and makes memories to last a lifetime. Find out 3 special ways that you can explore Victoria Falls while giving back to the region and the people.


The term Ecotourism is a buzz word which has seen increasing popularity over the last few years, but what does it really mean? Ecotourism is essentially the “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”.

You may have heard about the inspirational work which the Conservation & Wildlife fund (CWF) is doing in order to save and protect the wild animals in and around the Hwange National Park, near Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe. We are continuing to raise funds for CWF by donating $5 for every traveller who travels on the Botswana Wildlife Breakaway tour that stays at Elephant’s Eye, Hwange.

Ecotourism however isn’t about just donating to a great cause it’s about providing travel and tourism options which give something back to the communities. We are currently offering three tours which will boost your good karma and ensure that there is continued sustainability in rural areas in Victoria Falls.

Boma Dinner Victoria Falls

The Boma Dinner Tour is an evening of authentic Zimbabwe entertainment which is suitable for everyone. You will be provided with a four-course meal which includes soups, salad, and barbeque buffet or for those who are looking for something exotic this includes warthog fillet, game skewers or Mopani worms. Yummy!

This tour gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the storytelling, dancing and fortune telling by the traditional Amakwezu dancers. If you have an adventurous pallet or you are looking for an energetic evening of fun, this is for you.


Traditional Village Tour

The Traditional Village tour is held in a rural village just outside the Zimbabwean side of The Falls. You will get to live like a local, hear their stories, see their homestead and delve into what it is like to live in these remote locations. If you are looking for a tour which will expose you to a more cultural and lifestyle experience, this is for you.


Wildlife Conservation Awareness Tour

The Wildlife Conservation Awareness Tour, departing from the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls, aims to give you an understanding of the history as well as the preventative measures which the anti-poaching unit are using to combat poaching in the area.

By getting involved with this tour you will be able to hit the ground and work alongside a member of the anti-poaching unit to record game sighting, identify spoor, patrol and sweep for wire snags and generally keeping an eye out for any signs of poachers. If you are looking to gain further knowledge about what can be done to overcome poaching in Africa, this is the tour for you.


As an extra benefit to choosing to focus on an eco-tourism route is that these are available year round, so you don’t need to fight the crowds during the peak season to make the most of your Victoria Falls experience.

These eco-friendly activities will not only provide you with a memorable vacation but also a rewarding one. So, why not try one, or all of these incredible experiences on your trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe?